7 Day Sample Trip

The MV Dream Catcher: Prince William Sound Cruise Option:

Day 1

  • Depart Anchorage at 10AM on the Alaska Railroad Glacier Discovery Train
  • Arrive Whittier 12 Noon
  • Board Dream Catcher – Lunch/Vessel Orientation/safety briefing
  • Depart Passage Canal for Port Wells anchor up on Hobo Bay
  • Late afternoon hike to the old Granite Stamp Mill and Evening Kayak orientation

Day 2

  • Depart for Harriman Fjord home to 8 glaciers
  • Kayak around the Dorian Bight area,
  • Afternoon explorations/hike
  • Watch for numerous marine wildlife
  • Spend the night in Serpentine Cove

Day 3

  • Cruise down Port Wells taking Esther Island Passage
  • Tours of the Fish Hatchery can be arranged for groups requesting a visit
  • Drop hook in Cascade Bay
  • Kayak up the most spectacular waterfall in the sound
  • Hike the beautiful Ridge Trail or Lake Trail

Day 4

  • Morning cruise to Columbia Glacier
  • Explore the area anchoring in Eagle Bay for the evening which hosts hiking areas, kayaking, and numerous Eagle nests.

Day 5

  • Beautiful cruise down the sound along side Knight Island, passing by Naked, Smith, and Green Island, with Montague looming in the background as we turn up Knight Passage and into Knight Island Passage to spend the evening in Johnson Bay.

Day 6

  • The entire day is spent exploring historic Drier Bay by boat, kayak, and one of the most spectacular hikes in the southern sound.

Day 7

  • Cruise up Knight Passage passing though picturesque Culross Passage arriving Whittier early afternoon.
  • Board 6:45 PM ARR Train to Anchorage

See whales on the best Alaska Small Cruise

Humpback Whales are very common in Alaska during the summer cruise season.

Kayaking around icebergs

Kayaking amongst icebergs in Prince William Sound.

Sea lions are a common siting on Alaska Cruises

Stellar Sea Lions are common in Prince William Sound and throughout Alaska.

Take a break from the boat and take a hike along the Alaska Shore

Amazing hikes in Prince William Sound.

Icebergs come in all shades of blue

Icebergs come in all shapes and sizes.

Two brown bears playing in the water

Brown Bear cubs frolicking in the bay.