Alaskan’s Number One Rule to surviving the Alaska Climate

February 29, 2016 | Captains bLOG | 0 comments | Author:

GOLDEN RULE: Pack Layers!

While cruising in Alaska you will likely experience all types of weather. You will find the days can run the gauntlet from warm, sunny, to cold, rainy, overcast and back again in the blink of an eye, so be prepared. The key to dealing with these changes is LAYERS. Don’t waist space in your suitcase trying to pack for every type of weather you might experience. Instead packing layers will insure your comfort on and off the boat.

Essential Layer Items:

Under layers: I suggest some type of thin shirt or tank top.

Mid layers: This is where you can get creative. Pack multiple shirts, sweaters, a vest and a fleece. For those of you who enjoy dressing in style don’t worry. By packing layers, you are actually giving yourself more wardrobe option then a couple large items.

Outer Layer: During your expedition you will be traveling in a rain forest. The likelihood of experiencing at least a day of rain is highly possible. When dressed appropriately, rain won’t damper your experience or your clothes! We highly suggest packing a thin water proof layer (aka Rain Jacket and rain pants). There is no need to spend a fortune on these.

Picking the Right Layers:

Another thing to keep in mind while packing is fabric. You should pick items that are wool and synthetic because they will keep you the warmest even when they are wet. Cotton, while a wonderful material, which is quite adequate on board, is not recommended for any outdoor activities since it does not dry quickly and offers no warmth once wet.

Keep in mind there is also a washer and dryer available to you.

Check out our FAQ page for a more detailed list of packing items to include in your suitcase.