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Hiking on Your Small Alaska Cruise

Your Alaskan cruise aboard the Dream Catcher won’t be limited to time on the water; there will be lots of opportunities for shore excursions as well.

Hiking in the Chugach National Forest
Hike in the Chugach National Forest

The shorelines of Prince William Sound and south central Alaska offer a host of activities for those wanting to go ashore. An amazing abundance of wild flowers and berries can be found throughout Alaska. There is also a rich mining and logging history in many of the areas we will visit. Old remnants of these times can be found relatively easily and offer some great insight into the history of the last frontier.

There is something ashore for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Ambitious hikers may want to tackle one of the many steep hikes in the area, which afford magnificent views of the surrounding areas, while more easy going passengers may want to peruse the beach or pick berries along the shore. Whatever your preference, we’ll do our best to match your hike to your desires.

Getting ashore is a breeze from the Dream Catcher, and provides half the fun of hiking. We have a variety of craft to land with, depending on the terrain and conditions. There are several kayaks aboard, both tandem and single, as well as two separate skiffs. The assortment of options for reaching the shore give us maximum flexibility – something rather rare on Alaskan cruises. This flexibility allows us to explore places others simply cannot – and avoid all crowds while doing it.

It is so cool hanging out on these remote beaches and islands. You have the whole place to yourselves, checking out abandoned mining sites, amazing wildflowers and just poking around.