Return to Kukak Bay

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Back in Kukak again!  Arrived two days ago and we will depart with the morning sunrise to Halo Bay.

We’ve been anchored up in a small bight below Aguligik Island while our science teams went on data collection missions.

The ruins of an old clam cannery are a 5 minute skiff ride to the north end of Aguligik Island.  In 1925 it housed a whole community of workers.  Today that communtiy only lives in old photos as the ruins have toppled into the bay and the vegetation has long ago claimed the homes that lined the hillside.  For a time it operated as a salmon cannery in the late 40’s, but the company went bankrupt.  What was left was destoryed by the 1964 earthquake.

Star and I went bear hunting with her camera and skiff and were rewarded with a small bear right on the beach.  We motored within 50 to 25 yards off shore of this youngster as he foraged for food in the intertidal region at low tide.  Before we took our leave of this character he had us laughing at his searching techniques among the rocks of the shore!

After lunch today the heat was just too much for two of the crew.  Quckest way to cool off was of course a quick dip.  Water was a balmy 50.6 degrees 7’ down.  Fear I was just not hot enough to take the plunge!  AND they did it four times!

Lunch today was on the flying bridge around the picnic table.  I grilled hot dogs while island music played in the background.  It was a perfect day for a picnic lunch.

While cruising around today at low tide we discoverd the remains of an old vessel.  You could see the outline of the hull with the engine and drive line still intact.  At high tide not a trace of the old wreck shows, as the water hides it treasures.

All the best,

Rob & Star


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