All Inclusive Activities


All of the ships come equipped with both single and tandem kayaks, allowing many configurations for eager adventurers. In addition, the ships have swim steps or similar amenities to make getting into and out of the kayaks from the ship a snap. Kayaking is almost always a favorite activity aboard our cruises. Never been in a kayak before? No problem. We understand kayaking can seem a daunting activity for someone who has never been in one before, and you can rest assured that our crew will go the extra mile to make sure your first kayaking experience is a good one. Our guides are used to working with novice kayakers and will give you pointers to help make sure your first kayak trip is a fun and memorable one. More experienced kayakers will find what they seek as well, as the varied terrain you’ll encounter will include vistas of waterfalls, glaciers,  and ice-strewn waters.

Access to Shorelines

An unique advantage to small ship cruising is the accessibility to even the most remote coves and shorelines. This accessibility is greatly expanded via kayaks. Once we drop anchor and get the kayaks in the water you and your guide will be able to paddle to hidden places and explore shorelines littered with waterfalls and teeming with wildlife. Beachcombing, berry picking, landscape photography and hiking are all made possible with use of kayaks.