The MV Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher is available year round for custom charters. Whether for business or pleasure, we’re available to facilitate your charter wherever it may take us.


Her 6 staterooms, handsome interior spaces and full compliment of tools and equipment make the Dream Catcher a uniquely capable Alaskan vessel. And with room for up to 12 passengers, there’s no need to leave anyone at home. There’s always something to do on a Alaskan charter, and we’ll be sure everyone gets to try everything they’re interested in.


Full Boat Charters (up to 12 passengers)
7 Days / 6 Nights
Year Round Availability


$5,850.00 7 days/6 nights per person

Custom Schedules are also available. Please contact us for additional information.


Chartering the whole boat enables complete customization of our voyage. We’ll cater to your wants and needs, allowing you to decide what we do and when we do it. Of course, all of the activities associated with our normal cruises will be available to you. Alaska will be at your fingertips and the experience of the captains and crew will prove invaluable to you, as there are not many places in Alaskan waters which they haven’t been. Our chef will keep your party from being hungry with her tasty creations in the boat’s commercial style galley.

  • Kayaking with the whales, icebergs, and seals was a one of a kind experience. Also seeing a moose with her calf…the whales filled us with awe. The dinners and wine were a perfect end to an amazing day…landing a 73 lb. halibut by far the biggest fish ever caught…We will have great stories for our friends and family. We are all leaving hooked on Alaska! We loved our wonderful cruise. Never have we been so well taken care of.

    — Dream Catcher Guest
  • First, I would like to thank you for a wonderful, absolutely fabulous cruise. I enjoyed every moment and it was nice visiting with you again and visiting all those wonderful places so close to your home. Again, thanks for a wonderful trip land I look forward to doing it again.

    — Dream Catcher Guest
  • Greetings, We are back home, settling in. We had a great trip with you and your crew. Two of the best comments I got were, “It felt like traveling with family.” and “I felt like I saw the real Alaska.” Everyone enjoyed going to Cape Fox Island, especially with Joe along; and Metlakatla, that was a treat: a very authentic experience. We packed a lot in, in a short time! They all would have liked more time on the boat.” We are looking forward to the next adventure.

    — Dream Catcher Guest
  • On our last night we were relaxing on the back deck watching the sun go down and watching a couple of Brown Bear cubs playing on the beach, enjoying the sunset themselves.

    — Dream Catcher Guest
  • The boats great for all ages; grandpa can relax at the same time mom is out kayaking with the kids, and everyone is able to meet back onboard for dinner. The days seemed to evaporate on our 7 day cruise – there’s always some animal popping its head out of the water or some amazing spectacle or adventure to get into.

    — Dream Catcher Guest


Offering expeditions from 3 days to 7 days.

What’s Included

  • Prices for Prince William Sound and Cape St Elias expeditions are all inclusive except for taxes, any hotel or bed and breakfast costs, and gratuities.
  • Transportation to and from the Stevens Municipal airport in Anchorage to Whittier, the point of departure (for Prince William Sound only)
  • Private stateroom for two
  • Rain gear and boots

Personal Gear & Clothing

Alaska weather conditions are variable making layers a must, to insure your comfort on and off the boat. Our voyages are not extreme expeditions, that being said you will not need special clothing or gear to enjoy your trip with us. Remember you have full access to the washer and dryer on a daily basis.

You should dress in layers and keep in mind wool and synthetic clothing keep you warm even when they are wet. Cotton, while a wonderful material, which is quite adequate on board, is not recommended for any outdoor activities since it does not dry quickly and offers no warmth once wet. Remember you will only need enough clothes for 7 days on the boat and we do have a washer and dryer for your use. You will find the days can run the gauntlet from warm, sunny, to cold, rainy, overcast and back again in the blink of an eye, so be prepared.

The following list will help you make the most of your trip:

  • Layers – Multiple shirts, sweaters, and fleece) are much better than one jacket
  • Shirts – Two to three mostly long sleeved. A shirt that is tightly woven will provide the best protection against bugs and the sun
  • Pants – Two to three pair with one quick drying synthetic pair
  • Shorts – At least one pair
  • Socks – Enough for the trip and some wool socks to wear with rubber boots
  • Jacket/Sweater/Vest – Fleece jackets are just wonderful when incorporated with wind proof shell
  • Gloves – Lightweight or mittens (quick drying)
  • Long Underwear for your comfort one pair of polypropylene, capilene, or thermax top and bottoms.
  • Brimmed Hat – for sun protection
  • Personal Toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Sun Block and Lip Balm SP 30
  • Personal Medications – Enough for the whole trip
  • Sunglasses
  • Insect Repellent – We suggest using pumps and creams.
  • Equipment and other miscellaneous items: Binoculars & Spare Batteries
  • Shoes and Hiking Boots
  • We will provide rubber boots, the commercial fishing variety, which are designed for hard use and comfort. You will need a wool-hiking sock to wear with the boots. These boots work great for shore excursions and kayaking. On board, tennis shoes or sandals will work just fine. Hiking boots, if you have them, increase your comfort level during high meadow hikes.

Gear and Luggage

Because soft bags pack best on board a vessel, we ask you NOT to bring hard sided luggage. Two medium bags are a much better option than on large bag.

Day Pack

A small day pack is almost indispensable or shore excursions. It will carry rain gear, extra clothes, water bottle, snack, cameras, and anything else you wish to take on short hikes.

Rain Gear

During your stay with us we will provide high quality commercial rain gear (top and bottoms) by Helly Hanson and Grunden. Please provide your height/weight and shoe size by filling out our Client Information Sheet once you have made your reservation.

Alaska Small Cruise Cuisine

There’s no reason to compromise when it comes to cuisine aboard your Alaska small boat cruise, and aboard the Dream Catcher we never will. Our commercial style galley would make any land based chef jealous. Double ovens, dual dishwashers, and warming drawers are just some of the tools at our disposal in the 230 square foot galley area. Wrap around seating for 12, three extra large viewing windows and a cozy breakfast bar beckon our guests to enjoy the smells and tastes coming from the galley morning day and night.

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Getting to Prince William Sound

homeport_button Whittier Alaska is the western gateway to Prince William Sound and serves as our home port for Prince William Sound tours. Just an hours drive south of Anchorage’s Ted Stevens International Airport, the sleepy little town of Whittier is the perfect place to start your Alaska adventure cruise. Daily flights into Anchorage are available from all over the country and the drive to Whittier is one of the most scenic in North America. Plus, if you’re interested in extending your vacation beyond your cruise, the proximity of Whittier to Anchorage is a huge advantage.


There are six client staterooms. Only two clients per room each having private bathrooms with shower enclosures. For your comfort there is a central forced air heating system and individual electric heaters in each room along with portholes. Each room has ample storage and data connections for laptops.

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  • Full Boat Charters (up to 12 passengers)
  • Year Round Availability
  • $53,000
  • Custom Schedules are also available.
  • Please contact us for additional information.

Departing Whittier, Seward & Cordova. All in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

**Offered ANYTIME**

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