Whale Watching


All Inclusive Activities


Alaska is a seasonal home to several types of whales. Every summer, Humpbacks and their newborn migrate from Hawaii to the nutrient rich waters of Southeast Alaska to feed on the abundant Krill and Herring. Humpbacks are famous for their aerial acrobatics, breaching athletically out of the water, and are a truly curious animal, frequently swimming very near our ships – seemingly watching us watching them. Another amazing, though less common sight, is a group of Humpbacks working together bubble net feeding on schools of hapless fish. Humpbacks are not the only species you will encounter along your cruise. Orca, also known as Killer Whales, are a common site as are Gray Whales. It is important to note that we cannot absolutely guarantee whale sightings, as these magnificent creatures don’t cater to our schedules. It should also be noted, however, that we have never had a cruise without a whale sighting.