All Inclusive Activities


You’ll have an up close and personal look at much of the wildlife that makes Alaska such a coveted destination aboard your cruise. While we cannot predict when or where the next wildlife viewing opportunity will be, you’ll always want to have a camera at the ready as it won’t be far around the corner.

Marine Life

Humpback Whales summer in Alaska and are always an exciting site. They are naturally inquisitive animals, often times swimming very near our ships, curiously checking us out. Humpbacks are famous for their spectacular breaching exhibitions and amazing bubble net feeding. Orca and Gray Whales are also common in the waters you’ll cruise, as are Dall Porpoise. Some other marine life you’re likely to see on your cruise include Harbor Seals, Sea Lions and Sea Otters.

Land and Air Wildlife

Cruisers and the crew will keep an eye on the shorelines, as Brown and Black Bear sightings are common in the summer months. The bears are drawn to the shores to feast on the millions of salmon making their annual runs, making themselves quite visible to attentive eyes. You’ll also frequently see moose grazing along the water. Avid birders come to Alaska each year, as the state is host to the country’s largest and most diverse bird population. Enormous flocks of shorebirds travel along the same waterways that you will, and some of the world’s most rare and hard to observe birds can be seen here during their yearly migration.