Captain Rob


The Bears of Hallo Bay

September 11, 2015 | Captains bLOG Author:

Just Amazing!

Amalik Bay & the Bear Convention

July 6, 2015 | Captains bLOG Author:

Own an island, the bears do! We only spent a few hours in Kukak Bay before ghosting along the coast on the evening of the 3rd bound for Amialik Bay.  Transit was a weather decision.  SW 25 with 6’ seas […]

Return to Kukak Bay

July 23, 2014 | Captains bLOG Author:

Under the Hallo Glacier

July 11, 2014 | Captains bLOG Author:

At Anchor in Hallo Bay

Avenues of History Flowing to the Sea

July 3, 2014 | Captains bLOG Author:

On the edge of crisp with a buttery flavor mixed with a sweetness that seems to explode the taste buds with each bite is what is known as Starvin Marvins Pizza.  Only found where the road ends in Homer Alaska […]

Ice Migration into lower Cook Inlet

January 8, 2014 | Captains bLOG Author:

January 2012 Ice Migration into lower Cook Inlet

Research A View of the Real Work

August 23, 2013 | Captains bLOG Author:

Swikshak Bay & Shakun Islets- A Hidden Jewel

July 12, 2013 | Captains bLOG Author:

Kaflia Bay, A Wonderful Surprise!

July 9, 2013 | Captains bLOG Author:

My Winter Driveway!

December 1, 2012 | Captains bLOG Author:

I don’t want to complain but my driveway is a mite icy right now!  In fact it has been that way for weeks! I’m down in Homer doing boat things like changing out the all the boat batteries.  NO, theyare […]